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Here you will find links to IT news, software development resources and support & troubleshooting tips, covering various categories such as :- general computing resources; specific platforms & operating systems (OSs); integrated development environments (IDEs), computer languages and utilities; and, cross-platform, networking and security resources.

Scroll down to browse through the subsections, or choose one of the following links to jump directly to a specific subsection:



News & Resources:


IT Consultancies:


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 Specific Platforms / OSs


 Apple Macintosh® OS (Mac OS) Classic, Mac OS X & Darwin (BSD Unix):

News & Resources:


AppleScript icon Apple AppleScript®:

News & Resources:

Scripting Additions (OSAXen):

Software Development:

Scripting Additions (OSAXen):

Support, Troubleshooting & Tips:


 Microsoft Windows®:

News & Resources:


IBM OS/390 & MVS, OS/400, AIX:

News & Resources:


Unix OS & Derivatives:

News & Resources:


Unix Shell Scripts:

News & Resources:



News & Resources:


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 IDEs, Languages & Utilities


IDEs & Frameworks:


Languages > C/C++:


Languages > Java:


Languages > Pascal:


Languages > Lisp & Derivatives:


Languages > SGML & Derivatives:


Languages > Other:




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 Cross-Platform, Networking & Security




Networking & Internet:

Mac OS:

Internet Domain & Port-Number Information:

Mac OS:

WWW Languages: HTML, XML, etc.:

 Mac OS:





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