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Here you will find our various educational endeavours in the broad category of Teaching.

Please scroll down to browse through the subsections, or choose one of the following links to jump directly to a specific subsection:

University of the Witwatersrand [Johannesburg; South Africa]

From May, 2002, to December, 2004, we were a full-time Senior Tutor / Junior Lecturer in the School of Computer Science at the prestigious ‘Wits’ U. in the RSA.

[NOTE: This sojourn constitutes an entire separate sub-site, which has been archived. However, it may be restored here in the future.]

MoPT {Gy} - IID - Digital Communities Initiative (DGI)

As of September, 2017, we have been engaging in part-time software-development training within various communities, for several platforms: Mobile (Android); Web (Front- & Back-End); and currently, Desktop+Web {‘.NET’ (dotNET), ASP.NET}.

Mobile Development (Android)
Web Development (Front- & Back-End)

Desktop+Web Development {‘*.NET’ (C#)}

BrainStreet [Guyana]

From August, 2018 through January, 2019, we engaged in part-time software-development training at the BrainStreet firm, for the Desktop+Web platform {‘.NET’ (dotNET); ASP.NET}.

[In-house HRMS prototype, incorporating both List-object (in-memory) and SQL data sources.]
[MS & other online tutorials covering various topics, including: Desktop apps with WinForms {‘Calculator’}; Web apps using modern ‘Entity Framework’ data access {‘Wingtip Toys’}; etc.]

University of Guyana

As of September, 2018, we have been assisting part-time with running Laboratory Sessions for various courses.

 2018 B - 2019 A

CSE3101: Internet Computing II

Third-Year course (Lab Sessions only).





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