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Here you will find our various educational endeavours in the broad category of Teaching.

Please scroll down to browse through the subsections {presented in chronological order}, or choose one of the following links to jump directly to a specific subsection:

University of the Witwatersrand [Johannesburg; South Africa]

From May, 2002, to December, 2004, we were a full-time Senior Tutor / Junior Lecturer in the School of Computer Science at the prestigious ‘Wits’ U. in the RSA.

[NOTE: This sojourn constitutes an entire separate sub-site, which has been archived. However, it may be restored here in the future.]

MoPT {Gy} - IID - Digital Communities Initiative (DGI)

As of September, 2017, we have been engaging in part-time software-development training within various communities, for several platforms: Mobile (Android); Web (Front- & Back-End); and currently, Desktop+Web {‘.NET’ (dotNET), ASP.NET}.

Mobile Development (Android)
Web Development (Front- & Back-End)

Desktop+Web Development {‘*.NET’ (C#)}

BrainStreet [Guyana]

From August, 2018 through January, 2019, we engaged in part-time software-development training at the BrainStreet firm, for the Desktop+Web platform {‘.NET’ (dotNET); ASP.NET}.

[In-house HRMS prototype, incorporating both List-object (in-memory) and SQL data sources.]
[MS & other online tutorials covering various topics, including: Desktop apps with WinForms {‘Calculator’}; Web apps using modern ‘Entity Framework’ data access {‘Wingtip Toys’}; etc.]

University of Guyana

As of September, 2018, we have been assisting part-time with running Laboratory Sessions for various courses.

 2018 B - 2019 A

CSE3101: Internet Computing II

Third-Year course (Lab Sessions only).


‹Public Talks›

As of February, 2019, we have been giving public talks on a variety of topics.

Black History Talk {PDF} [Tutorial HS {Gy}; 2019-02-08]

A brief tour of World/Black History, from Ancient Africa {Nile Valley, etc.}, to contemporary times.





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